20 fun ideas for family game night

Everyone loves to live a fun filled life. However, spending time with family is equally important. Whatever kind of game you like, whether it is indoor or outdoor, playing games with your family is very interesting and you should play them with great enthusiasm. If you have ever run out of ideas on how to have a great family fun, then you must read this article. With these amazing tips, you can make your family time more fun filled and memorable.

1. Card games

Card games can be played in a variety of ways. Playing simple fun loving card games make it fun for the entire family. This game can be played by kids and adults.

2. Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt at home with family is a different fun altogether. Hide few things in some corners of your home. Let them find those treasures and give them some marshmallows as the winning prize. This game increases the bonding in the family.for more information on outdoor games click here.

3. Sing a song

Every family member has to sing their favorite song. No excuses for anyone. Kids and adults both have fun playing this game.

4. Family collage

Family collage is the most memorable thing you can have. Let your family make the family collage together. Ask everyone to collect 5 pics each those are special to them. They will love to do it.

5. Horseshoes

One of those games you might have had a go at as a kid but have never played again? Well horseshoes is a lot of fun, something the whole family can get involved with, and only requiring a few pieces of equipment.

6. Pottery painting

Arrange all the painting colors for pottery and brushes. Hand over a pottery to each family member and ask them to paint whatever they like.

7. Drawing and painting

This will be fun for those who cannot draw. Ask them to draw a family picture or something on the family theme.

8. Story telling

Ask everyone to say a story that is special to them. This is the best way to know your family more and this improves the family bonding.

9. Pictionary

This is an amazing game to play when you don’t know drawing. Ask one person to draw something and let the others guess it.

10. UNO

This is the most popular game these days among kids and youngsters. This game is fun when played in a group.

11. Ladder ball

This game can be played indoors as well as outdoors and can be played in a group and hence can be enjoyed with the family. For more information on Ladder ball (also called ladder golf) follow the link.

12. Memory game

Ask everyone to say a name, one person at a time. The next person will say the previous name and one additional name by him. Likewise everyone will say the names. The person who breaks the chain he is out.

13. Puzzle

You can play puzzles if you are bored of playing games. This is the best way to engage kids and youngsters and let them have fun.

14. Scrabble

Spell the best spelling is the motive of this game. This is a very competitive and entertaining game and can be played by any number of people at a time. Adults and kids both can play this game and enjoy.

15. Bocce Ball

Although originally coming from Italy, this fantastic game is really catching on around the world; if you haven’t played it you must try it out.

16. Passing the passer

Play the music and pass a pillow. Once the music stops the one holding the pillow has to perform an act or do some activity as demanded by the others.

17. Barbeque

Prepare a nice barbeque on the lawn. This will be fun cooking and eating.

18. Musical chair

Arrange a few chairs in the lawn. Remove one chair from those. Play the music and the person without chair is out of the game. The winner will be the last one who sits on the chair.

19. Cornhole

Also know as bean bag, corn toss, baggo or just bags, is a great family outdoor game; excellent for the backyard or down at the beach. If you would like more details follow this link for more details.

20. Housie

This is the most popular game any kid will know. Have fun playing this game with your family members.

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