Campsite Games for Kids

Kids love the most if you take them for camping along the forest or the river side trips. You can find a Camping location in USA .The most important of all is, allowing your kids to work on the hands on to-do exercises will not only help them intellectually grow, but also help the kids mingle with others and play together. This will definitely help them in the long run by making them socially very active. Some of the games listed below are very commonly played among the kids during their early childhood; I guess we too did the same during our childhood.

Whatever their individual interests and likings are, children definitely love to camp and use their holidays in doing adventurous activities amidst the more about outdoor activities for your kids here

Scavenger hunt

If you want your kids to explore the camp grounds or forests all by themselves (off course you will be with them), then Scavenger hunt is the most suitable game you can look for. Nature lovers leave everything as they find and make the picture. You can get tons of ideas and things to look for when you are hunting for the list. However, it is your responsibility to check that your kids do not get lost when playing this game in the wilderness of the forest.

Alphabet game

Kids search for things that start with the alphabetical order. If you are going on a hike, this is a nice game for kids encouraging to improve their brain getting to work in the right direction.


When you want your kids to do something or obey you, then you can set up competitions between each other and keep a prize for the winner. You will then count who can get more number of prizes. Kids get so excited by hearing the word ‘prize’ for gaming, that they put in their complete concentration in getting this going and strive hard to win the game.

Marking trails

Remember the Hansel and Gretchen stories we used to hear from our grandmother during our childhood days? This game does much similar thing. Kids collect bent sticks and place them over bright leaves or rocks at strategic places to create a trail of their own. You can also make arrows on the stone so that you do not lose your way back to your camps. It is really a great fun to come back the next day to see if the markers are still there.

Hide and seek

This is one of the popular games played in most of the countries by every kid during their childhood, and believe me, people would still love to play when they feel back to going back to their childhood again. Forest gives ample number of opportunities to explore and get to know various hiding places, behind the trees, behind the rock, behind your tent and many other places where your kids can hide and other kid can seek for them.

Obstacle game

Kids love to play this game where obstacles are placed at different milestones between the start and the finish lines. Crawling over the picnic table, hopping, hang off a tree, do jumping jacks and many more are some fair examples of obstacle games. It not only gives enjoyment to your kids but also a great way of exercising and allowing them to improve their metabolism.

Ladder Ball

It is an ancient game and still loved by its player, it a a fun game that can be enjoyed with your family. It is a simple game but it has some rules to follow. It is played between two or more players. If you want to learn more about this game, I came across a good site which explains all its rule and equipment needed  in this game.

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