History of Badminton at the Olympics

Badminton is one of the most popular sports which uses a racquet and is played by players in singles and 4 players in doubles or mixed doubles matches. Players score points by hitting the shuttlecock and whoever strikes it to the ground will lose the point and the other one gains. The shuttlecock uses its aerodynamic properties to cause it to fly with its feathers creating a greater drag decelerating more rapidly than the tennis ball. Badminton is being played in Olympics ever since 1992.

History of Badminton

In around 1800’s the British officers returned back from India with a modified version of the local game in India called poona. Poona was the first version of Badminton played at Gloucestershire the farm house of the British official and eventually was named as the Badminton game.You can read more about badminton history at https://www.looksmartsports.com/badminton-history/

History of Badminton in Olympics

Badminton made its first debut at the Olympics at Barcelona in 1972 Olympics games in Munich as just a sport for demonstration to the public and get to know the public reactions. Though it was not officially included as part of Olympics until 1992 games in Barcelona, it still gained its popularity and was being played, trained and practiced by many countries all around the world ever since 1972. Badminton has been contested in 5 Olympiads by over 50 nations with at least 19 of them participating in all the 5 times. Badminton at Olympics is actually governed by Badminton World Federation.

During the initial days of its inception in Olympics, Badminton was just meant for men and women singles. Later the game was expanded to doubles, mixed doubles and other combinations ever since there was a reform in the sports world from 1996. Due to this event, a lot of fresh and talented players could showcase their talents and win people’s hearts over this game and also their brainy and tricky skills.

The rules of the Badminton game in the Olympics games is completely different as compared to what kids play on the streets or indoor games, state level or national level like Bingo Cards, Ladder Ball. Ladder Ball is an old game but still popular among its players and have its own rule see rules at http://www.ladderballrules.com/Ladder_Ball_Rules.html. Their standards also differ at the same time; Olympics showcase and expect very high standard rules and regulations to be played for this game.

If you keep counting how many medals did each nation earn for Badminton sports, then it might seem to be endless. Asian nations like China, Indonesia, Denmark, Great Britain and South Korea have won 69 out of 76 Olympic medals for the Badminton game. The USA has more Badminton controversies than it has won the medals. China is the highest gold medal and also summation of all the medal winner of all times in the Olympics Badminton ever since this game was introduced.

Single elimination tournaments are popularly featured in the Olympics Badminton. Hence there are best of 3 games where each game needs 21 points for completion. Here rally scoring is used where the player need not be serving in order to score. However, a winner should be able to make at least 2 points more than the first player to 30 points.

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