Top 5 outdoor lawn games for your Family Reunion

If you are stuck thinking about what outdoor games there are to play when you have gathered the family together for a reunion. We know, creativity sometimes just does not come to you, but on the other hand you do not want to disappoint others. So in order to prevent any family disasters from happening, we will give you some suggestions about the type of games which are possible. Hold on tight and read on about our suggested outdoor games.

  • Cornhole: In this fun outdoor game, you need to attain a wooden box, some platforms and bags for the corn. This platform should be a wooden box, it can be made of anything as long as it is solid. There should be a hole in it. Each player tries their luck at throwing the bag of corn. You get four of them and try to get up to twenty one points. Three points are awarded per successful throw. If you get the bag on the platform but not on the whole, you get 1 point.
  • Baggo: This is a similar game to the one mentioned about except that it is an official one. As a result it has many little rules which can actually spoil the fun. If you are not fussed with various regulations and standard practice then you may as well play the above game and give this one no more thought.
  • Bocce: This game has a set of eight balls which are large and a smaller one. This is the target ball which is known as the pallino. You can play with two players or indeed two teams. In order to play the game you need a space about ten feet wide and a hundred feet long. The whole point of the game is to be able to roll the larger balls closer to the target ball than the other team. You throw the ball from the center line. Each team takes it in terns until there are no balls left. The team whose ball is closest to the target wins.
  • Ladder Golf: This game has two plus players forming teams. Each of the players is given custody of three bolos. This peculiarly named object is two golf balls tied together with a rope. Now, there is a ladder with three rungs pitched vertically at about fifteen feet away from the line from which the players will take shots. The point of the game is to chuck the bolo at the ladder and try to get it tangled on one of the rungs. The top is worth three points, the middle two and the bottom one. The game continues until a person reaches twenty one points.
  • Washers: You can work individually in the game or as doubles or teams. The goal is throw washers into a container which is about twenty five feet away. You can buy one or make one yourself. Each player is given three washers. One that lands in the box is worth three points, one landing on the box is worth one. Take turns until someone reaches twenty one points. It is a good outdoor game.

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